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The architectural and engineering firm of HESCON,
established by certified structural engineer Erik Hrnčiar
and with the support of a team of specialists,
specialises in comprehensive services, optimisation and structural engineering.

 Our SERVICES AND benefits


comprehensive solutions





From drafting a study, further elaboration, project completion, and product documentation.   We deliver multiple cost-savings opportunities to investors for their load-bearing structures.   Our experienced team uses the latest BIM software and unique on-line project management.
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We design for

  investors   general contractors
developers   manufacturers of steel structures
architects   manufacturers of prefabricates

We design

residential and administrative buildingS


We are able to offer the elaboration of projects after the CONCEPT of architects in the project for land permit, project for building permit and elaboration of the execution design.

Civil projects



The design work stages for civil projects includes completing the project for a land use planning decision (DUR), construction permit (PSP), and the implementation project (RP).

Industrial BUILDINGS



We offer optimally engineered steel, prefabricated or combined castings with years of experience and our know-how in the field of statics and comprehensive solutions.

Let us create a study for a industrial building!

Part of the study is a preliminary estimate of mass - the predisposition of the hall object.

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BIM - Building information modeling


BIM is a new way of working in the design, construction and use of buildings. Thanks to BIM, we have greater control over the project, reducing the risk of errors. BIM also makes communication between all partners more efficient throughout the life of the building.

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29 750 21 350
tonnes of processed workshop steel cubic metres of processed prefabricates

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We were educated


During the previous months, colleagues from HESCON participated in several educational conferences.

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Friendly meeting with our professionals and subcontractors!


On June 23, 2022, we organized our first team meeting with our professionals and external subcontractors for HESCON. 


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